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Savorly home cooking

Savorly – the “Etsy of Food”
Savorly enables home chefs the opportunity to sell their food to customers exclusively through our marketplace at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal.
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Investment Highlights

Savorly was founded in 2016 in Los Angeles by the Azarkman family, who has a long history in retail and e-commerce. The company officially launched a pilot in Mexico in 2019 which was very well received – we have barely scratched the surface with a few of neighborhoods in Mexico City and have experience material growth month-over-month.

The company has massive potential for near-term growth and market expansion. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased consumer demand for made-to-order foods, and the number of gig workers seeking alternative income. Savorly has seen a rise in activity as a result of these market forces.

Home cooked meals are not only delicious, but serve as the infrastructure for cultures and communities and what better way for people to share their meals and heritage than to make them available to the mass public. We are people feeding people – real cooks making real food.

Why we exist
We plan to be the pioneer and leader in the homemade food marketplace with the best selection, best value, and best service.

The world has changed quite a lot through the decades.  We’ve all gotten busier and deprived of time, yet we desire the warmth and comfort of home cooked meals.  That’s why Savorly isn’t simply an app serving just any food.  We serve love. We serve nostalgic recipes you know and crave, to dishes you may have never tried before.  Savorly allows the modern, busy individuals and families of today to discover recipes handed down through generations.  Savorly transforms home cooks to small business owners who bring joy through their special dishes straight from their kitchens.