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How to dispose used cooking oil

What do you do with cooking oil once you have used it? Do you throw it down the drain, toss it in the trash or use it again? We will explain why throwing away oil in the trash or down the sink is unsafe. We will also provide some alternative ways to dispose of it.

Oil Pollutes

Don’t throw it down the drain

Did you know that about one quart of cooking oil can contaminate approximately 264 gallons of water? When oil goes down the drain, it mixes with other wastes. It can form a thick layer in your pipes that hold other residues and bacteria. In addition to clogging your pipes and generating a bad odor, it can be expensive to clear clogged drains. Another risk when it is poured down a sink is that it could end up in the ocean, causing pollution. 

Don’t toss it in the trash

Many times people put used oil in a bottle and throw it in the garbage. Disposing it this way runs the risk of contaminating soil, seeping into garbage and possibly reaching a river or the ocean.

What can you do with the oil? 

Now that you know that oil can contaminate, here are some sustainable options to consider:

  • Use the minimum: The best thing to do is use very little oil when cooking. You will create less oil waste and help prevent contaminating the environment. 
  • Reuse the oil: Oil can be used up to two more times. Wait until the oil has cooled down. Be sure to pass it through a strainer or a coffee filter to remove any food residue. Put the strained oil in a clean container and close it tightly to preserve it. Only use it again on foods of the same type.

  • Recycle it at home: One way to reuse the oil is to use it to make candles or homemade soaps. Research some fun DIY recipes online!

Taking care of the environment via your kitchen is another way to take care of your family and customers. Tell us, what do you do with your used cooking oil?